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Matt Devine: Unleashing the Hero Within


Foundations of a Hero's Journey


Matt's story began with a typical happy childhood, but his father's struggle with alcoholism would unknowingly set the stage for his own mental health challenges later on in life.


During his youth growing up in Edmonton, Matt was a determined athlete, excelling in sports like hockey, soccer, and martial arts. In high school he faced a choice between pursuing a professional fighting career or going to university. Matt chose to pursue his education.


The university life introduced him to a new chapter of his life, the party scene.

Matt Devine

Destructive Behaviour

Matt's life took a dangerous turn as he engaged in university life. Seeking connection and fulfillment he once felt through athletic endeavours, he began heavy drinking and constant partying, leading to academic troubles and expulsion from university.


What was once fun and exciting, became an exhausting cycle of hangovers and destructive behaviour leading to losing his potential academic future.


Seeing himself fall behind his peers, Matt decided to commit to his studies and graduated from university but still continued to engage in heavy drinking, disregarding his mental health and physical wellness.

Matt and Nicole Devine

The Downward Spiral


After graduating, Matt ventured into the professional world and thrived. His first job took him to Grande Prairie, Alberta, opening doors to financial success and independence. He found himself surrounded by a vibrant circle of new acquaintances.


The more he dedicated himself to work, the greater his achievements became, but it also fueled his inclination to engage in previous habits. Now living a fast-paced life, he not only indulged in heavy drinking but also picked up smoking while living mainly on fast food diet. He soon found himself 100 pounds heavier and engaged in heavy drinking 3 to 4 times a week.

Matt Devine

The First Rock Bottom


A diagnosis of chickenpox brought him face to face with a shocking revelation during a visit to his doctor, who was deeply concerned about his blood pressure and overall physical health.


Matt hit rock bottom as his medical scare revealed a harsh truth: without a change, he faced a life-threatening health crisis.


This wake-up call ignited his determination to begin to transform his life through fitness.

Matt Devine

The Unfulfilled CEO

Fast forward a decade Matt found himself in his mid-forties, having made remarkable progress in his physical transformation.


Shedding nearly 100 pounds, kicking the smoking habit, and reducing his alcohol intake, marked significant milestones on his journey toward a healthier lifestyle. His professional career had also flourished, Matt became an independent consultant working on exciting projects with major clients.


On the surface, it seemed like he had it all together as he became a CEO of a technology company, he had respect, money, power, and material possessions, but internally, he was grappling with a sense of deep discontent and mental turbulence.


By his late forties, he confronted an overwhelming feeling of emptiness, navigating through a “never-ending sea of gray”. This tumultuous period led him to make a catastrophic career decision, damaging numerous relationships and pushing him into what he calls an epic mid-life crisis.


At this time, it became evident that he had lost his sense of purpose and direction. The pursuit of money no longer had allure. Physically fit but mentally fractured, he hit rock bottom once again.


On a particular day at work, he unprofessionally derailed his career. Matt came to the overwhelming realization that he needed to work on himself before attempting to mend other broken aspects of his life. He knew instinctively he was meant for more.

Matt and Nicole Devine

Finding Support


In the midst of his darkest times, there were a few incredible individuals including his wife Nicole who never gave up on him, even during his darkest hours, and for her and his fitness communities’ unwavering support, he remains eternally grateful.


Realizing he needed to seek professional help, Matt was forced to delve deep into a series of profound questions: What truly brought him happiness? What overwhelmed him with sadness?


What ignited his joy, and what caused his pain? Matt came to the realization that regardless of his physical transformation and dedication to fitness, he needed to focus more on his mental health journey and his underlying struggle with depression.


In his search for finding greater overall wellness, Matt realized he had a profound desire to help and give back to his community. Alleviating the suffering of children in need by leveraging his athletic abilities and raising both funds and awareness for charities close to his heart drove him to his next endeavour.

Matt Devine
Matt Devine

Finding Purpose

In 2022, Matt committed to running from Jasper, Alberta, to Canmore, Alberta, equivalent to completing seven marathons in just seven days.


He raised nearly $60,000 for a local children's charity, making a positive impact on the lives of countless children, and leaving a lasting mark on his own.


Through this transformative experience, Matt gained a profound insight: when individuals are living their truth, working towards greater wellness, and focusing on their mental health, they can find deeper purpose in giving back to their communities.


His newfound purpose was clear—to raise funds and awareness for charities while inspiring adults to take steps toward their unique personal transformations, no matter how small, guiding them toward a brighter tomorrow.

Ride for Change

Unleashing the Hero Within


Last summer in his mid-50s, Matt cycled coast-to-coast across Canada, covering 12,500 kilometers in 100 days. His mission was to raise awareness and funds for "You Can Ride 2," an organization that helps children with disabilities experience the joy of riding a bike. This journey allowed him to raise over $100,000 while motivating and encouraging Canadians to join him on his journey.


All though Matt had accomplished his incredible goal of cycling across Canada, he found again that he was neglecting his own personal health and wellness. Crossing the finish line after 100 days, Matt felt broken and lost. This is when the deeper work began.


Reflecting on his journey thus far, Matt continues every day to find greater purpose and meaning while wrestling with his own demons.


After continuing to prioritize his over-all wellness over the past year, continuing to engage in his own transformation, Matt is now ready to commit to another large fundraising event for children with a stronger mindset, a close community, a dedication to his overall wellness, and a drive to inspire others to engage in their own personal transformation.

Matt and Nicole Heroes Unleashed
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