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7 in 7 -  Endurance Charity Run in support of The Rainbow Society of Alberta

The 7in7 Ultra was the Devine’s first fundraiser event for the benefit of children. In the depth of Matt’s depression and through counselling, he knew that he needed to identify purpose.


He always had a soft spot for children that were disadvantaged in one way or another. Matt had been a casual runner for quite some time and in an act of desperation to break free from his depression the 7in7 ultra, 7 marathons in 7 consecutive days was born.


He and his wife Nicole reached out to The Alberta Rainbow Society, Matt got to training, Nicole started planning. It was 3.5 short months from inception to execution that Matt successfully ran from Jasper, Alberta to Canmore, Alberta. In those 7 days of June 2022, Matt ran through every weather system and condition the Canadian Rockies has to offer….rain, wind, snow, elevation and excessive heat.


At the end of every day Matt’s body and mind was a little more broken. The swelling of feet, loss of toe nails, shin splints and the ever present mental struggle was crushing, but he had a mission he would not be deterred from.


By day 7, they had exceeded their goal and raised $60,000.


Two average and regular people sitting on a sofa, can start a whisper that turns in to a roar for both themselves and the community they live in.

Rainbow Society of Alberta

About The Rainbow Society of Alberta

A Child. A Wish. A Dream Come True!

Giving the gift of hope by granting wishes for children in Alberta diagnosed with a severe chronic or life-threatening medical illness.

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